Late Night Meal in London – Salt Beef Beigels


Who doesn’t share the experience being hungry after an excessive clubbing session! Fortunately, there are plenty of options in party town London!

For the hungry late night foodies we will list a couple of options. The first featured Late Night Meal:

London’s famous Brick Lane Bagels/Beigels

Brick Lane is almost world famous not only for its excellent Indian restaurants but also for the delicious salt beef bagels/beigels. Vegetarian and Salmon bagels/beigels are available, too.

Bagels or Beigels are an imported adoption of Russian and Polish Jewish’s old style fast food. Salt beef is made from beef briskets cured in brine and simmered for several hours. The salt breaks down the tough brisket meat while letting its flavours emerge. Proper prepared salt beef is tender and juicy. A proper salt beef beigel should be served with warm meat and a fresh bagel. Additional mustard and gherkins can be added. Very important is not only the salt beef but also the bagel itself. The rye bread should be a little bit crusty outside and soft inside.


East End Bagel/Beigel War

The trendy Shoreditch clubbers are pilgrimaging early morning to the two famous jewish bagel houses in Brick Lane; both open 24h. The queue after clubbing hours are starting already outside the two shops where fashionable clubbers, taxi drivers during the night or early morning break and suited business people are waiting patiently in the line to get one or two of these delicious salt beef bagels. It is a constant war between the two famous Bagel houses in London’s Brick Lane, Hackney, who sells the best salt beef bagels. While one claims to be the oldest and original bagel house, the other claims to be the best one. Try both of them and make up your own mind. You can’t get wrong with any of them. However, I do have my favourite one.

Salt Beef Bagels London
Salt Beef Beigels Brick Lane London

The price* of a beigel is 25p, smoked salmon filled £1.40 and a kosher salt beef bagel costs £3.70 with a big portion of hand-carved kosher salt beef. I normally buy a second plain beigel and split the meat between the two as there is usually enough meat to fill two sandwiches. However, few times the lady carving the salt beef was more tight with the portion.

* Prices: March 2016

24h Beigel Shops in Shoreditch:

Beigel Bake, 159 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London E1 6SB

Beigel Shop, 155 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London E1 6SB






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