Adult London Dating – Part 1

Adult London Dating – Part 1


Decades ago no couple liked to admit that they have met online. Time has changed and more and more singles are looking to find their perfect one online or on dating apps.

Years ago, let’s say when I was much younger, I broke up from my girl-friend which was the hardest break-up ever. To keep my sanity, I joined an online chat platform. First it was just to spend some time and keeping my mind off the separation.


I had no intention to meet someone from there in real life. To my big surprise there where so many girls that were actually looking for a sexual encounter. A lot of them were no different than men and this came to me as a big surprise.


The normal chats got naughty and the next step was to exchange mobile numbers. Sexting started, followed by hours of phone conversations and leading to phone sex. Not really looking for a rebound or actual relationship but still I wanted to satisfy my sexual needs.


Discussing unfulfilled phantasies one day a girl or rather woman and mother of two children admitted that she dreams of sleeping and been waked up by a stranger having sex with her in front of the whole village outside of London. Well, I wasn’t ready for ‘the whole village exhibition’ but I told her to hide the house key outside and one night I will come to her place and fuck her when she is sleeping. She willingly agreed and put her house key in one of the shoes outside her door and described her apartment.


I wanted to keep her waiting and I didn’t go the first two nights and in the meantime we kept calling each other. The third day she said that she couldn’t do it any longer and she was even not able to sleep for anticipation. Not to loose my opportunity, I went that night. She wasn’t sleeping and the first moment was a little bit awkward but after few glasses of wine and we started to kiss and undress each other. After waiting for three days for this moment we were both so horny and the experience was exciting and incredible.

Infographic Adult London Dating
Infographic Adult London Dating

Submitted by Andres – To be continued..


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