Patty and Bun Burgers London

I love a good burger but I am very fussy about food in general. Recently I have come across a small burger chain in London: Patty and Bun.


First of all what I love about their burger is their juicy quality meat. It has the flavour of properly aged beef. In addition the sauces gives additional flavour but it is quiet messy to eat the burger. Therefore, eat the burger carefully over the table and try not to mess up your clothes.



Already the first mouthful of this incredible masterpiece will show you that you have arrived in the burger heaven! The juicy bite will leave you with a burst of flavour of matured premium beef combined with the perfect flavour mix of the magic sauce. The slightly sweet bun balances or even enhances the perfect taste of the richness combination of meat, melting cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, pickled onions and sauce.


There are six different burgers available:


  • “Air Gold” Cheeseburger: £ 7.50 plus £ 1 for bacon
  • “Smokey Robinson” Burger: £ 8.75
  • “Jose Jose” Chilli Burger (my personal favourite): £ 8.50
  • “Hot Chic” Chicken Burger: £ 8.50
  • “Lambshank Redemption” Burger: £ 8.50
  • Portobello “Dig It” Mushroom Burger: £ 8.00


I admit, it looks sloppy and is not easy to eat without getting your fingers dirty but you will get a wet tissue too clean up afterwards.


My verdict is this is by far the best burger I have ever tasted! The only downside is that you will fancy another one and even with the fries it is not enough for a gourmand.


They take no reservations and you will see often a queue outside their shops but the wait is worth it. To jump the queue, just go inside and order take-away.


They have currently four locations:


  • James Street
  • Liverpool Street
  • Old Compton Street
  • Redchurch Street

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